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3 Secrets to Launching a High Ticket Event in a Crowded Market

Getting your new event to stand out in an already crowded market is a tall task. You need the right sales and marketing strategy, event management expertise, and sponsorship for your event to even stand a chance.
Read on to find out how you can launch a new, successful event even when the market is already saturated with similar events.
The 3 Secrets to Launching a High-Ticket Event
1. Select the right date
To do this, you'll need to study existing events in the market and successful events out of the market. When are those events? How much do you want to compete with them? And, what do those successful events have in common in terms of when they take place?
Next, review competing entertainment options on any potential dates you want to host your event. You don't want to run your event on the same day that an established competing event is taking place; that's setting your event up to fail, and defeats the purpose of launching a high-ticket event.
2. Review similar local event pricing in the market
This is going to require some research. You'll want to call local venues to learn about hosting options and pricing, review websites, and search forums for venue reviews.
If you end up with many options, you'll need to narrow down the list by assessing the price range and venue quality before making your final decision.
3. Find local partners to support your event promotion
There are a lot of ways to do this. You can start by reaching out to local news and radio outlets to find out if they'd be happy to support your event, whether that's through sponsorship or free or discounted advertising.
Local businesses and associations are usually eager to support local events. Put together some information about your event and start visiting these groups, whether that's by going in-person, calling, or emailing. We recommend going in person as much as possible because it helps to form a more intimate connection and increases the likelihood of the business or association supporting your event.
Lastly, community groups can be a great place to gain support for your event. These groups are tremendously committed to fostering a stronger sense of community within your municipality and if your event does that, you'll likely find incredible support in local groups. You can share information about your event through their digital forums, like Facebook groups, or by visiting in person and leaving information others can pick up.
Launching a high-ticket event in a crowded market is always going to be challenging, but using these secrets to your advantage can get the community rallied around your event instead of your competitor's events.
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