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5 basketball Drills to help build your practice plan

As a basketball coach, you know that the right drills can make or break your team's performance. Whether you're molding young ballers or fine-tuning seasoned athletes, these five basketball drills are your secret weapon to creating a team that plays hard, fast, and smart. Let's jump right in and turn those practice sessions into goldmines of skill and teamwork!

1. The Fast Break Drill: Speed and Precision

Objective: To enhance players' ability to execute quick and efficient fast breaks.

How It's Done:

  • Split your team into groups of five.
  • Start the drill with a defensive rebound, followed by an immediate fast break.
  • Emphasize quick passes, maintaining speed, and accurate finishing at the rim.
  • Rotate roles so everyone practices each position.

Coach's Pro Tip: Speed is key, but control is king. Encourage players to maintain composure at high speeds.

2. The Three-Man Weave: Coordination and Teamwork

Objective: To improve passing accuracy and team coordination.

How It's Done:

  • Three players start at one end of the court.
  • They pass the ball back and forth while moving towards the opposite basket.
  • The final pass should be a layup or a short jump shot.
  • The drill then repeats in the opposite direction.

Coach's Pro Tip: Timing and eye contact are crucial. Urge players to anticipate each other's movements.

3. The Defensive Shuffle Drill: Agility and Defense

Objective: To enhance defensive footwork and agility.

How It's Done:

  • Players start in a defensive stance.
  • On your whistle, they shuffle left and right across the court, maintaining their stance.
  • Introduce variations like quick direction changes or jumping to intercept passes.

Coach's Pro Tip: Defense wins games. Remind players to stay low and keep their hands active.

4. The Free Throw Relay: Clutch Shooting Under Pressure

Objective: To improve free-throw shooting, especially under fatigue and pressure.

How It's Done:

  • Divide the team into pairs.
  • Each pair must make a certain number of free throws, alternating after each shot.
  • Time the drill and create a competitive atmosphere by recording the fastest times.

Coach's Pro Tip: Mental toughness is key. Encourage players to develop a consistent free-throw routine.

5. The Corner Shooting Drill: Accuracy from the Arc

Objective: To improve shooting accuracy from the three-point line.

How It's Done:

  • Players take turns shooting from the corners of the arc.
  • Focus on maintaining good shooting form, especially when fatigued.
  • Include a rebounder to speed up the drill.

Coach's Pro Tip: Remind players that legs are as important as arms in shooting. Encourage them to use their whole body.


There you have it, folks – five essential drills that should be in every basketball coach's playbook. Remember, the best teams are built on the foundations of solid fundamentals. So, roll up your sleeves, blow that whistle, and let's turn those players into basketball maestros!

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