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Effective Communication in Event Management

Event management is stressful, but there are ways to reduce the stress. One of those ways is to improve your communication skills. Better communication between you and your team members reduces the number of times people have to repeat key information and minimizes the risk of misunderstandings.

Follow these steps to improve your communication skills and your overall event management talents.
5 Steps to More Effective Communication
Practice active listening
There's plenty of talk about active listening throughout the industry, but not much covers what it actually involves. Its basic tenet is to listen to understand instead of listening to respond.
The difference between these two things is significant. Have you ever found yourself thinking about what you're going to say once someone finishes talking and you're only half-listening to what they're saying? That's listening to respond.
Listening to understand means you're committed to understanding someone before you add your thoughts. When this is done by everyone in a conversation, everyone ends up on the same page and there's significantly less miscommunication.
Be attentive during conversations
Being attentive is key to active listening. After all, you can't listen to understand when you're scrolling through Facebook or thinking about your to-do list. Give whoever's talking your undivided attention so you can have a productive conversation.
Keep a level head as best as you can
We know this is easier said than done — some conversations are difficult. Try to keep your emotions at bay so the conversation can be about the situation and not your feelings. That way, you can better work towards a solution instead of arguing about who's at fault.
Concision is crucial
Long-winded sentences and bouncing between thoughts is confusing, so keep it short and sweet so people can easily understand and remember what you've said.
Seek out feedback from those around you
If you're committed to improving your communication skills, tell those closest to you so they can give you subtle hints when you're slipping back into old habits. Having people who can keep you accountable will make you a better communicator, and it may also inspire them to work on their communication skills too.
Following these tips for better communication will make your event management more effective. Being an active and attentive listener helps keep your team on the same page, being concise reduces misunderstandings, and keeping a level head will make even your most difficult conversations more productive.
As with all skills, seeking feedback will keep you on track to developing stronger communication skills, so finding ways to keep yourself accountable to your goal is critical.
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