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Press Release: Introducing Tournkey

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LONDON, ON. - Rengo Holdings (RH) introduces Tournkey

Sport-Travel is rebranding to Tournkey

For over 20 years, Sport-Travel has provided leadership across the sports tourism industry by supporting tournaments, associations, and teams in managing accommodations and logistics. Strong partnerships enabled the company and its partners to drive millions back into grassroots sports, enabling youth and amateur teams to see the world through sport.

We knew there was still more we could do for the industry. We've been building an exciting new tool to help our expanding team provide a more inclusive experience for athletes, coaches, organizers, and industry stakeholders.

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This involved investing in our future to redevelop and integrate our platform to ensure our partners are connected with the simplest travel solution. Together with the introduction of the Tournkey Event Ecosystem, we're changing the way people think about the event industry.

This matters to us because it's what matters to you. By becoming Tournkey, we can evolve events through more efficient team and event management.

None of this would be possible without the support of our partners. We're continuing to follow our core values that take us on a mission to provide more opportunities for sports and events to flourish in a responsible manner. We know we are moving in the right direction and this shift benefits our customers by building on our experience and expertise.

“The launch of Tournkey represents an exciting day for our business and our customers. Our team has worked hard to develop the tools that will empower our entire ecosystem to serve their communities under one umbrella. We recognized the need to streamline the amount of tools required to manage events, teams, and organizations within the sports landscape and will continue to evolve our technology to enable our partners to achieve their goals. What we are the most excited about is the opportunity to launch new and innovative tools that will allow our stakeholders to continually evolve and make themselves better in how they deliver their service(s). These tools will include a series of workshops, interviews, templates, and other resources that will change the way in which sport and events are delivered across North America and around the world."

Tyler Childs

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Tyler Childs 
Chief Executive Officer 
Chris Charlebois
Chief Development Officer


Rengo Holdings (RH) is a growing portfolio of companies that includes Tournkey. RH is a family of companies geared toward serving the event and hospitality industries. Recognizing the increasing costs related to participation in travel and events, RH is committed to identifying ways to remove hurdles and ensure opportunities for all to play globally.

Tournkey Team
The Tournkey Event Ecosystem is a powerful series of tools designed to elevate your event’s profile while improving your event’s productivity and participant experience.