How to Measure Team Success

Every team wants to be successful, but not every team has processes in place to measure its success. Measuring your success is what will set your team apart.
Read on to learn how to measure your team's success.
How to Measure Team Success
1. What do you value?
Before you decide how to evaluate success, you first need to hone in on what you value. Obviously, you value performance on the field. But what do you value in your players and their development beyond a desire to win?
Establishing this will make it much easier to set criteria for success.
2. Get input from your players
Your own goals don't matter if they don't align with your players' goals. Set aside time to discuss the path your team wants to take so that you can gauge what matters to your players, and establish goals accordingly.
When this is done, you may end up with some of these items on your measurement list:
  • Percent of practices attended
  • Self-reporting effort rates in games and practices
  • Participation rate in out-of-practice events, such as team fundraisers
  • Expected skill competencies and progress toward those expectations
3. Foster a culture of accountability
Having goals is great, but they won't help you much if you and your team aren't holding yourselves and each other accountable to those goals.
Part of this involves being a positive role model for your team. Players will be more motivated if they see the team's staff keeping themselves accountable to the goals you've collectively set.
4. Dedicate time to measure your progress
Having measurement mechanisms in place won't help your team if you don't use them. You'll need to set aside time regularly to assess your progress and establish the next steps.
Evaluating your team's success beyond a win-lose percentage will help you get a better sense of your team's overall performance. Winning is important, but digging deep into the other values that matter to your club will better guide what success looks like for your team and how to get there.
Player input is crucial in this process. Once the measurement list is put together, accountability needs to be a priority for all team members and a reporting cadence needs to be established.
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