How to Score Big in Event Planning and Marketing

Are you prepared to elevate your event marketing and planning? Whether you're organizing a local tournament or a major corporate event, success comes down to two key plays: expert management and innovative marketing. Ensuring you have a good event strategy and marketing playbook should be at the top of your list. 

Team Up with Tournkey for Seamless Event Management

Imagine having a partner who not only provides the tools you need to execute your event but knows exactly what it takes to run a successful event because we've been doing it for years. With a wealth of experience in event travel and management, we've mastered the art of creating unforgettable experiences. From securing the perfect venues to managing travel logistics, Tournkey ensures every detail is handled with precision.

Here's how Tournkey makes a difference:

  • Event Travel & Management Software: After years of watching events struggle to build successful events we decided to build our own tool to help them. From event registration to ticketing and more our software will make your event life easier from start to finish.
  • Personalized Planning: Every event is unique, and Tournkey tailors our approach to meet your specific needs.
  • Travel Coordination: Our travel team has been supporting grassroots sport for over 25 years. We take the stress out of travel arrangements for events that need to secure large inventory for their participants and we even help teams and their friends and family travel all year long.
  • On-Site Support: It's like having Tournkey's team there on the ground, making sure everything runs smoothly from start to finish. But for real we'll be there if you need us. 

Our Partnership with Neon Supply


Although their name might make it sound like they're a sign company, Neon Supply is actually a marketing agency of record.  We teamed up with them for the first time 5 years ago and haven't looked back. What makes this such a strong collaboration is how well we complement each other. Tournkey brings over two decades of sports travel expertise and a revolutionary tech stack to the table, while Neon Supply knows just how to highlight our successes, learnings, and experience for our partners, teams, and participants around the globe. 

For organizations seeking growth, the partnership between Tournkey and Neon Supply is an absolute game-changer. Our respective areas of expertise intersect in a way that propels your event management and operations to new heights.  It equips organizations with the know-how and tech stack to empower its activation to achieve and earn more.

The Ultimate Playbook for Success

Together, Tournkey and Neon Supply have combined their expertise to bring you 2024's Winning Formula. This guide is packed with insider tips, proven strategies, and real-world examples to help you score big in the competitive world of event sales and marketing.

Inside the playbook, you'll find:

  1. Winning Strategies: Learn from the pros how to set your event up for success from the get-go.
  2. Marketing Moves: Discover innovative ways to promote your event and build lasting excitement.
  3. Post-Game Analysis: Find out how to measure your event's success and use those insights for future victories.
Ready to become an event planning and marketing champion? With Tournkey's event management expertise and Neon Supply's marketing magic, you're already ahead of the game. Download 2024's Winning Playbook today and start crafting your strategy for a triumphant year in sports and events sales and marketing success!
Tournkey Team
The Tournkey Event Ecosystem is a powerful series of tools designed to elevate your event’s profile while improving your event’s productivity and participant experience.